Monday, July 11, 2011

I Like Tins

I LOVE all sorts of vintage tins.  Rusty tins, beat up dented tins, tins with pretty appliques, faded tins, you get the idea.  If I can save them in their vintage condition I do!
If not, I'll think of something.
It all started with a cute dog named Ginger who kept sneaking snacks from the pantry.  She seemed especially fond of the rice crispy treats.  Can't have that now can we?  So, I bought a rusty bread box, primed and sprayed it yellow and it became a doggy proof snack container.  From there it went viral...
Girly tins to hold special fancy stuff!

Tins to hold little pirate treasures...

Tins for hobbies...

Tins for writing on!  Yup, I sure do like vintage tins!
Go take a look at the Sisters of the Wild West blog.  They are super creative gals!
Have a fantastic day!


  1. Love your stuff! You've got some great ideas!

  2. I love your cake tins! Sooo darling! What a great find and an even cuter idea to repaint them when they are too icky to look good on their own! Pretty!

  3. That is such a great way to showcase the tins and draw a little extra attention to them. Great job! Thanks for sharing!


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