Thursday, July 14, 2011

Dreamy Cream

Why are post titles the hardest part?!  Anyhoo, I've been working on things, just had a hard time getting some completions.  It's too darn hot and humid to work most of the day so I've been limited to early morning and late evenings.  Pictures are tough too right now with all the foggy cloud cover the humidity has brought along with it, so forgive the photos.

Here is a lovely dresser that I bought a little while back.  It appears to be an Art Deco piece with some pretty details.  It has some "wrinkles" and "freckles", as do most older pieces, but for me they only add charm.  I love the cabinet doors, the beautiful legs, and the hardware is gorgeous. 
I opted to paint the outside rougher areas, but left alone the stained interior drawers which were in wonderful condition.  So much storage!  And I love the small shallow drawer on top.  I imagine it full of jewelry or men's ties, or a ladies hankies at one time it's life.  What would you use it for today?
I adore these details on the bottom trim and the gently fluted legs.  So pretty aren't they?  I painted this with ASCP in "Cream".  It does have the lovely pale yellowy tones of clotted cream.  Dreamy Cream...(lame title tie in here)!  Ha!

Have a fun day!
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  1. I get that hot humid thing. I had a hard time finishing my patio project because of it. You get out there in it and before you know zaps all your energy!! This piece looks amazing though. Nice work!

  2. What a lovely piece! I just got my first armoire, and I am so excited to paint it I want to ignore all the other stuff that got here first ;-)

  3. What a fun piece! I love all the drawers inside, good choice on leaving them as is!

  4. What a great piece! I love the cream. And yes, titles are hard!

  5. Another gorgeous piece! I would use the drawers to store lovely hand-dyed wool or fun quilting fabric....or needlepoint thread, or knitting yarn....or...........just beautiful!

  6. Absolutely gorgeous, I'm in love with this piece!! I have a hard time taking photos here in WA too. I think there's been about three weeks total of sunshine this year!! Insanity.


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