Monday, July 25, 2011

The 5 Minute Challenge

Hello again!  I wouldn't want you to think I'm slouching too much here.  What with VBS last week, swimnming lessons, 2 different band camps, summer physicals, orthodontist appointments, church fund raisers, city parades, and the rest of life I'm just not getting much done quickly.  Of course I also picked last week to start a really large paint project, so no reveals yet.  It will be a cool one when I get to though!

Preparing for this first Prairie Pickers & Peddlers Market has been a learning experience for me, and probably all of us here.  We want it to be fun for us and for a bunch of customers.  We all have busy families too and so there is that balance that we have to maintain.  I just haven't had as much time as possible to get out lately and do some "pickin".  That being said, I do have an entire house with at least 25 years of collecting accumulated throughout.  Some of it is just gathering dust though in corners and storage areas.  That brings me to my title today.  I gave myself 5 minutes to run around the house and collect as many things that I could find to add to the Market pile.  Here is a photo of what I came up with.
I went shopping in my own home's closets, storage room, trunks, and garage.  Now, this is just in 5 minutes.  Imagine what I could come up with if I gave myself an hour...or two!

15 or 20 years ago I went on a vintage hat buying binge.  They were fun, fairly reasonable, easily found, and great decor for a guest room.  I've decided that I don't have a great place to display them, and they should move on to a new home.  I have more, but I may have to let them go in small quantities.  I get attached. 

You already know I have a thing for tins.  I have plenty of cake tin carriers, this one needs to move on.  The key rings...I used to collect old, odd pieces of sterling silverware to cut up and make into key rings.  These are the left overs from other sale adventures.  Cute metal basket, hidden in a closet.  Shame on me!  I do love old jars too.  Love those lids, and all they will hold and display.  Some will be moving along I hope. 

Neat old books, pretty little candle stick, old jewelry chest, all fun, all used in various groupings over time.  But what fit 6 houses ago (retired military, we moved a LOT) doesn't necessarily make the cut here and now.  I do sincerely hope that someone else will love some or all of these things.  And there will be many more over the next few weeks joining them.  Some will be recent finds, others will be from collections that were important a few years back!  How about you all, could you stock a store or Market with what you have in your closets, trunks, and storage rooms?? 

Have a great week.


  1. I totally understand the situation with kids home for the summer and the huge changes that go on with projects, etc. Make blogging a little more challenging for sure. I guess we just gotta keep on keeping on....

  2. You are goooood! I have a show in late August and have been mentally thinking of all the things sitting in my house that need to go as well. You've inspired me to start pulling it all together. Thanks! Oh, and I like your new blog background too!

  3. Love the new background! Never even thought about all the "stuff" I have that would be happier in a new home! : -)

  4. Just to share with you folks, i have a new post today on Amish Stories from the Terre Hill days even that was just held in Lancaster Pennsylvania. It was a very hot day but i was able to get i think a few good images from this event. The town is populated with a mix of Amish and old order Mennonites which only adds to its charm. They even have what has become famous in Terre Hill their "outhouse race". The town sits on a hill so it overlooks Lancaster farmland in almost all directions. This is one of my favorite towns to visit because its free from commercialism, so if you are looking for a really all American kind of town with the added bonus of seeing its Amish and Mennonite residents at work and play, then this town is for you. Thanks folks. Richard from Amish Stories.

  5. Love the new background! I just did the same thing today, cleaned out everyone's closet. Taking to be donated tomorrow. It feels great!!


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