Thursday, July 2, 2015

Chair Up

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Whenever we're at the 2 week mark before a big sale it seems I have a lot of (finally) photographed projects to share.  Mind you, not all of these were finished in the last 2 weeks, more like the last 2 months.  I'll try to take photos right away, but sometimes that just isn't possibly and I'll wait until I can get it done and then take them of a lot of finished projects all at once.  Here is another I shot and finally edited this week.  Next up, a simple chair finish.

Forgot the before on this one too.  One day I just snatched it and decided I wanted to 'get er done'.  The nice clean lines of mid-century modern.  This one had been chewed on a bit and had some very rough and worn spots that needed some sanding down.  Not a good candidate for refinishing and besides, she looks good in green doesn't she?

I adore this fun fabric and could have painted this chair in any one of those hues and been so happy.  This chair is bound for the Prairie Market sale and I am getting so excited to finish up the last of the big pieces so I can work on some small items to have at the sale!  Have a super day!

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