Friday, February 6, 2015

American Home Collection

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Good Morning!  We've been busy here at Twice Nice.  Busy, and digging out from some nice little snows here this week.  Ahh, winter.  Luckily APC's paints are no VOC, so even when the snow is flying and means no opening a window while I paint or wax, no problem.

One of our projects was a bit of this...
To make this...
Which you will find in this...
Which isn't as blurry in person.  Really, not sure what happened when I enlarged all of these. #needsaphotographyclassagain

Basically, we built a new display for the American Home Collection of paint colors for the booth.
The colors are lovely and vibrant.  The paint is a newer formula release that levels beautifully and has all the other lovely qualities you have to come to know and love.  
Here is a much better photo of the entire collection.  It is a limited edition collection that is available in cute little Pint size cans and also comes in sample sizes.  I hope you will give it a try.  They are such fun colors.  Brighten up your home with a fun new piece that makes a statement!

Have a great weekend!

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