Friday, February 22, 2013

Master Bedroom Update

In my house updates and remodels get done like this.  Me:   " I think I've finally figured out exactly what I want done in the Master."  My Mr.:  "We'll start this weekend what do we need from Lowe's (HD, Menards, SW, or BM)?" as he's half-way to the door.  And we're off!  I've learned to get it all straight in my  mind before I mention much to him.  It's a good problem to have really!

We moved into this acreage, on a virtual whim and a prayer, nearly 4 years ago.  The previous owners did a lot to make it very sellable from a cosmetic stand.  I can definitely appreciate that.  And while there was nothing really wrong with the freshly painted taupe paint I'm more of a "color me happy" kind of gal.  Most rooms have had a least one touch up with paint.  Some will get it again one of these days.  But the Master BR was totally ignored and had turned into this drab, little dumping ground.  Time for a change.  I forgot to take a proper before, but here it is after we'd begun to prep the room for step one.  Nice and neutral.
Step 1:  Plank wall treatment on the back wall.  There are many good tutorials out there, but I use this one by Sweet Pickins Furniture to complete our wall.  Sausha's projects always inspire me!
We also used Utility Panels cut to 6 inches.  The Mr. staggered the start and stop to give it a more pleasing look.  Here it is completed.
Other than helping hold a board or two this was all his baby.  He's also the wall painter because "it's a relaxing job" and also because he probably doesn't like to clean up the ceiling after I oops touch it with the roller.  Once the nail holes were filled and sanded we gave this 2 coats of Benjamin Moore's Dove White.
The remainder of the walls were painted in Sherwin Williams Sea Salt that I had on hand from a past furniture redo.  Literally this entire room project has probably cost us less than $200.
Here she is now.  Lovely and serene and nothing like the cave she had been.  Isn't that plank wall wonderful?!  Purposely leaving some small gaps between gives it such a realistic feel.  Now, while my Mr. was busy planking and painting, I was also busy giving several furniture pieces a Twice Nice makeover.  This was all pre-plague in our house.
Another view from further inside the room.
We have been hoarding collecting antiques for the past 20+ years.  Many of them I have left alone for now.
A few get selected to be updated.

I will have the 411 on all the little projects that completed the room in the next few days.  Just wanted to give you an update on why it went quiet over here for so long.  Well, it was this and then the "plague"!  We are all mending finally and should be up to full steam by next week.  Have a lovely weekend.  Stay warm, and be careful if you were in the path of "Q" (what, they really couldn't find a name that begins with Q for heavens sake)!



  1. Love the plank wall!!! and it seriously CAN NOT be as easy as you made it sound. Heck I may want one myself!!! love it :)

  2. it looks SO beautiful and cozy! love that aqua dresser!!


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