Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Talking Chair

I have not ever had that much luck finding good chairs, until recently.  Remember these two barrel cane back chairs?  They were a great find in pretty good shape.  So often the caning is broken in the cane back chairs and that's why they are being sold.  Lately though, and I know I probably will now jinx myself, I have found some nice sturdy chairs in good shape.  I've learned not to question why the change in luck...just go with it.
Who knows what next week might bring me!

Here she is, another chair finish.  I just love her lines.
I don't think any of my photos captures the true beauty of this fabric, but it's a lovely, lovely shade of navy that I like more than a lot!
It plays nice with the Old White Chalk Paint.  It's Super comfortable too!  I should probably be bringing this back to my home shouldn't I?
As a bonus...nice legs too. I am such a sucker for turned legs on furniture.  This piece is for sale at NJ & Co.  You can find it in the window saying, "Come in, tell them to get me out, sit on me, take me home."  OK, not really, but she would if she could.

Stay warm this week!
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  1. beautiful! love the fabric choice- it's perfect!

  2. Be still my heart! I'm a sucker for blue and white and this is fabulous! Take her home!!

  3. Love the crisp blue and white! And what great curves!

  4. Since work got in the way of me commenting earlier (sheesh) Let me say now that I love the fabric and paint on this chair! Love the legs too...see great minds do think alike!!


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