Thursday, January 3, 2013

My New Furniture Obsession & Ladies Night Out

You can NEVER have too many chairs!  Really.  I have discovered that I was chair deprived for many, many years.  So recently I have become obsessed with simple side chairs.  I've bought some, restyled some lucky finds, bought some from my partners to use in my home (ahem, before they could even be brought into the house for the Prairie Market),**(correction, attempted to buy, Suz wouldn't let me pay cause she's super nice like that)** and scoured everywhere for more.  Many times they are difficult to find, well find in my budget.  Now I've decided that the rest of the world, or at least Nebraska, needs more chairs too.  Lucky me I was given 2 chairs by another partner, restyled those and managed to sell them before I even thought to get a photo taken :-(.

I finally found one cute little cane back the other day that was in the budget and snapped it up.  Then my newly minted "picker", the Mr., found 2 more budget pleasing chairs for me last week.  These 2 restyles went fairly quickly.  Sorry, no before because I appear to be hopeless when it comes to that, but I did get afters on these before they headed down to NJ & Co.!

These 2 ladies are very clean lined, well made and were in remarkably good condition.  I actually considered keeping the blue velveteen that was on the cushions, but I had fabric burning a hole in my craft room!  These are painted in Annie Sloan Old Ochre and waxed with clear wax only.  As hard as it is to find any good chairs at times, it is much more difficult to find a matching pair of nice chairs!
I love that open armed barrel style.  The caning was in wonderful condition.  They are distressed to give them a bit of shabby chic character.
Isn't this postmark fabric the bomb?!  Love it on these chairs.  Now, what if you paired these
with this.
Wouldn't that be fabulous in a small sitting area, or set up as a special conversation area in YOUR living room or family room??!  Yes, it would be wonderful....if I had a bit more space here.....

All 3 of these pieces are for sale at NJ & Co.  which is hosting their monthly Ladies Night Out tonight from 4:30-8 P.M.!  Come see us tonight and find me to say hi!

Happy New Year and New Blessings to You!


  1. Oh I could use a ladies night out! Taking down the Christmas decorations is hard work! ... The chairs are awesome! I love the shape, the caning and that cute fabric! I have a few chairs in my garage. I can't decide if I really have it in me to tackle them. Maybe you need to come for a visit!

  2. those chairs are gorgeous! i love the lines, too! great job! happy new year!

  3. OMGeeah! I’ve never wanted chairs as much as I want these now. I’m not sure, though, if I will let anyone to sit on those, if I had them. :P I’ve always loved this kind of fabric, the way it portrays a particular age in time. And how much more can things get better with the vintage-y center table! Allie Carrillo^.^


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