Monday, December 3, 2012

Listening to Tracy

Hello again from the long lost painter who can't seem to get her blog groove going.  Or maybe it's just keep it going...

Regardless, I'm back today with another recent finish to show you.  In addition to forgetting to blog I've also had a bad habit of forgetting to take photos of everything that I have completed.  I have worked on several custom pieces and sent them on home with nary a photo.  I've been finishing things to take down to NJ & Co. and forget to take photos.  So, last week I tracked down one of my items and managed to take some really horrible photos that I'm going to show you today.  Lucky you!

Isn't she gorgeous...or she would be if she didn't look rather blue in this photo.  Poor photography skills aside she is a pretty deep black.  You see, one of the other vendors that is part of the Co.  at NJ & Co. has been requesting some true black (not the chalk/milk paint versions).  She has told me several times that she could have sold this piece or that piece if only it were in black.  I've drug my feet for awhile because black can be so hard to work with (IMHO).  So I'm going
to go with her on this one and see if the folks who were seeking black furniture pieces come out to take this baby home.  You rock Tracy!

This buffet is so solid and the storage in this piece is AMAZING!  In addition to the dining room I can definitely see this piece scoring big time in the family room to house the games and DVD's  The top was an easy refinish with some new stain and antique oil finish.  I tried out Benjamin Moore's Advance Waterborne Interior Alkyd in Black on the body.  I will tell you that I've had mixed results with Alkyd type paints in the past.  Some don't level well, some don't cover well.  I've never been asked to, but I would recommend this paint whole heartedly.  It went on beautifully and I got great coverage with 2 coats.  The down side of the paint is the dry time.  It is recommended you wait at least 16 hours before gently sanding, wiping down and painting your 2nd coat.  I'm thinking this is what I'm going to be using on my kitchen cabinets when I finally get the nerve (and energy) to paint them.

The downside to black, as I've told Tracy, is that up close (or in photos) you can pick out the wear and tear a vintage piece of furniture will have on it. (though I will say I don't even see these creases in person).    But even those she's a bit time worn she wears her bling proudly!  Aren't those gorgeous knobs?! 
You can find this lovely piece for sale down at NJ & Co.  If Tracy is working tell her "THANKS"!  As a matter of fact NJ & Co. is having their monthly "Ladies Night Out" this Thursday evening.  They stay open until 8, serve wine and snacks, and most of the vendors are there to help and meet you!  You ALL are invited to come join us.  There are some wonderful new things all over the shop to fill out your shopping list!  I'll be there to help you load any furniture purchases, wink, wink.

Deck the Halls!
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  1. so pretty! i love the knobs on the top drawer!

  2. Girl I feel your pain with the camera settings!! haha
    I love it the blue color I see on my monitor :( but I understand demand of the public takes priority sometimes !

  3. You always do such a great job. I have lots of black in my pieces....but I love blue too. I wish I were close by....Blessings!

  4. I love the piece. I get wrapped up in my projects as well and don't always take all the pictures I should. Plus I get busy and don't blog as often as I would like so I understand where you're coming from. Have a good day...Connie

  5. Hey there. Just stumbled upon your blog and love this piece. It quickly caught my eye because it is almost exactly like the one I just refinished for a customer! We did a more "modern" seamless lacquer look, but sooo close! Very pretty:)

  6. I love Advance - it's my go to paint. It self levels better than any other paint that i have worked with. Your buffet looks amazing, and the knobs are to die for!

  7. What a pretty and really versatile piece Deb! And we're had some requests for black too. ... And I'm totally with you on the blogging part too. Just so hard to do around the holiday season. I can bare keep up with my real life!


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