Monday, May 21, 2012

It isn't always pretty

What a day!  I am covered in sanding dust, probably have a swipe of something in my hair, and my hands have been washed so much they are beginning to look like alligator skin.  On the up side it was a gorgeous day to spend out in the workshop.
And proving once again that I have some form of ADHD when it comes to my projects, I had at least 3 things going again. 
Filling holes and rebuilding missing pieces in this foot board.
There were the almost finished projects, the new starts, and, are you ready for this?  Could it be....SATAN!  I was doing my best Church Lady imitation at one point today!
This sweet little desk that I'm working on for a friend ended up giving me fits today.  Solid wood, no problem, sure I can refinish the top and remove those scratches.  Factory finishes...the bane of my existence I swear!  3 applications of Citrus Strip, and a LOT of sanding blocks...and sweat...and Church Lady improvisation, and I prevailed!  Now to make it look pretty again.  It'll be nice Julie, really!

I do have a fun little finish to share with you tomorrow.  All these fits and starts are starting to pay off!
Have a great night!

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