Thursday, June 30, 2011

Madam Blueberry

Some people name their furniture, I sing to mine.  Anyone recognize an old Veggie Tales song?  It's weird, I know, sorry.

Anyway, I scored a great deal on Monday at Goodwill with my friend Kirstin.  Shhhh...she took me to her super secret special Goodwill.  It was a crazy good day and good for lots of laughs too!  Thanks Kirstin.  At any rate I found a chair, FINALLY, that looked like something I could reupholster for myself.  The guy said "The wheel falls off, you want it?"  Um, yep, I can work with that.  Off I go with my shopping cart full of my kind of goodies towing a 3 wheeled chair behind me.  And you want to know what I paid for my slightly gimpy chair?  $1.97.  How cool is that?!  I almost forgot to take a before photo, but my wanna-be photographer middle daughter reminded me 1/2 way through a 1st coat.  So here she is minus all her wheels for now!
This first coat is a special mix of Versailles chalk paint with a tiny dab or duck egg thrown in to brighten it up a bit that I had left over from another project, which by the way I did not sing to.  And if you wonder why I called her Madam Blueberry, it's because my Aubusson chalk paint arrived yesterday and was immediately opened up and applied as a 2nd coat over the versailles mix.  I know, layering paints, it's not something I've done much of on a big project before. It works well though and I may just do a lot more of it!  Here she is
Madam Blueberry....I'm so blue ue ue ue ue ue.....
Some parts were distressed down to bare wood, some down just enough to show the versaille underneath.  I actually had a more traditional fabric I was leaning toward, but that crazy photo shooting child of mine convinced me to go with the "fun" light fabric, and I actually did what she suggested.  Which she would tell you almost NEVER happens.  I love it.  Madam Blueberry is going to live with us I believe.  She may or may not get new wheels. 

Hope you enjoyed seeing this piece, and will come back to see many more of my projects, most of which are looking for new homes!  I'm linking up to Miss Mustard Seed's Friday Furniture Features.  I may or may not be able to grab her button to show that, but you can find her link on my blog list so please do visit her.  She does marvelous things!

and  Perfectly Imperfect, one of my other very, very favorites for all things furniture!
Happy 4th everyone!


  1. Another fabulous project! I really, really, like the color and the fabric is great. This chair just popped out in the thumbnails on miss mustard seeds link party!

  2. I'm loving the color and the distressing! Really brings out her beautiful curves!!

  3. Oh my goodness... what an adorable transformation! Who knew that chair could look so fun? Guess you did :) And, I for one, appreciate the Veggie Tales reference. My toddler likes me to sing the theme song with his name in place of the veggies, "If you like to talk to a Ryan..." :)

  4. I LOVE it! The color with the fabric looks awesome!

  5. Love the color and the fabric. Aubusson Blue is my current favorite color of chalk paint. Visit my site to see a dresser I painted in this color. I'm your newest follower.

  6. Now THIS is a nice chair redo!! I have grown a little weary of all the projects posted using Chalk Paint. But THIS one is adorable!! Different! Great!

  7. Your chair is very pretty! I love the fabric you used for your seat cover. Makes me want to run out and find a chair to makeover.


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