Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my!

Well, actually I'm surprised but we appear to be missing Tigers!  Years ago, when I was first married my Mom and Dad bought us a Creche.  Fairly simple and we replaced the ceramic figurines for some lovely wooden figures made by a dear family friend.  I loved it and set it up every year.  When our oldest two children were younger my Mom brought in a whole new element to the nativity scene.  She gave the girls some animals.  Every year our animal collection grew...and grew...and now it is quite a group that gathers around to bow before the baby Jesus!

 All three of my girls have grown up loving to set it up and move it around.  Every day it is a new visual treat and an adventure to create.  I watched my youngest this year set it up so that the animals were lined up single file around the stable to come see Jesus.  It didn't last long before she moved them to create a new scene, chattering away with the animals about why they were there and how they should behave. 

If you look closely you'll even spy a couple of frogs!
They gather on the roof to escape the crowd.
We have many animals that do not normally appear in the Christmas story typically, but we think they love being able to come and kneel before the new born King.
I love that my girls enjoy the telling and retelling of the Christmas story to their little animal friends throughout the holidays.
The animals and baby Jesus are even surviving Pepper's curiosity! 
New friends and old, let me take this time to say, from our home to yours Merry Christmas!


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