Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Fan Your Feathers

Lots of little technical difficulties kept me from this post, but you can tell me if you think she was worth the wait! 
I'd been wanting to try CeCe Caldwell paints and wax a try and thought this nice big 1958 Ethan Allen dresser might be the perfect piece for some experimentation.  For me there is always a strong "learning curve" to get the results that make me happy.
At first I had thought that I would do little or no distressing on this piece as I wanted it very clean and straightforward.  You know, best laid plans and all that...for me the CeCe Caldwell paints need some sanding and distressing to feel right.  My opinion only, and I've not been solicited for an opinion for that matter.  The color is Alaska Tundra Green, lovely huh?
I was lucky enough to find these cool pulls.  Aren't those tied up branches the bomb?!  See, even the hardware was telling me to distress a bit. 
Lately I've had a strange obsession with peacock feathers!  So many furniture bloggers have been adding them to pieces.  There are stencils out there, but I wanted to hand paint mine.  Many eons ago I took some painting lessons, but I haven't done much with it lately.  I have to say, even though it took some time, it was very satisfying work for me.  Rather soothing even to spend more time on a piece than I usually do.
Here's the closeup, and while not technically fabulous, I think it adds something special to this piece.
I found the inspection date stamped on the back, August 1958.  One thing Ethan Allen does is make a solid piece of furniture!  This thing is heavy so we've added some hidden wheels to make it easier to move about.  When you pull open a beautiful dove tailed drawer it looks practically brand spankin' new. I see this working wonderfully as a console piece in a family room or entry hall, as a fun side board for the kitchen or dining area, or, of course, as a unique dresser.

Where would you use it?

Have a great week!!

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  1. Wow! Beautiful job, Deb! I love the color and how you left the top stained. Your peacock feathers are wonderful! I love the whimsy it adds to the piece.

  2. Oh how pretty Deb! Love the color and the stained top. The feathers make it so unique. I could never hand paint those. I think you've been holding out on us. And then you added hidden wheels - awesome!... So how does the paint compare to Annie Sloan? Will you use it again?

  3. oh i LOVE it!!!!!! love the colors, the feathers... worth the wait!!! and i agree about the paint working better distressed. :)

  4. Gosh that's gorgeous! and the hand painted feather is BEAUTIFUL!! such talent girl!
    Oh and to answer your question--- definitely my room!!

  5. Just love it! Love the peacock feathers, too. What a great touch! So pretty -- man would that look good in MY office!

  6. You did an amazing job on the Dresser! Your handpainting is superb, you picked the right color to compliment the feathers. Nice job, Dee from My Painted Stuff.

  7. Gorgeous!! you've put my stenciled feathers to shame! Never even thought about hand painting them....hmmmmmm like that idea.....Mind if I copy??? LOL

  8. Beautiful color and love the peacock feathers!

  9. The piece looks fabulous. And it seems that any CeCe or Annie Sloan project I come across always has distressing. I think that's why they go hand in hand with the waxes ...

    And the hand-painted peacock feathers? I'm doubly impressed with your skills now!



    And thank you for your very kind comments on my guest post at Cassie's ...

  10. I just love everything about this...the color, peacock feathers, pulls....what an amazing job!! I'm anxious to try CeCe paints & know I must order this color!! Your latest follower....Blessings!

  11. I absolutely LOVE this dresser and the CeCe Caldwell Alaskan Tundra Green!! Your peacock feathers were just the thing to make it PERFECT!!

  12. I loved this! You're featured in my furniture redo roundup! So pretty! Peacocks are so special!



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